Josiah Guile

a somewhat creative individual


Here's some videos I've been in/making.  Hopefully you like them as much as my grandmother does. 

About a month ago Ahko was over and suggested we collaborate on a Christmas song, along with a video to give to you all for the holidays. I thought that was a splendid idea. So we took a beloved Christmas song and we put a beard on it. We hope you enjoy!

Shot some random stuff with some friends, and then tried editing it together using a fucking Steam Controller!  Believe it or not, my Steam Controller config for Premiere Pro is surprisingly usable.  The last 3-4 videos I've edited were done-so exclusively using a Steam Controller.  

This video is also fucking hilarious to me too.  Like Michael's expressions are so damn good I start giggling just by thinking about the video.

Oh man, as rough as this video is, I'm actually kinda proud of how decent it came out.  Ask me why and I'll tell ya the story.

Here's a video I helped shoot (camera & steadycam operation) of the killer band Sugar Fly.

Here's a bunch of clips a friend shot on 2/20/2015.

If you want to hear more be sure to check out Helsott's latest record Woven!

Lastly there was a band I didn't get to see, but heard from out back while loading up equipment.  What I heard struck my curiosity, and when I looked the band up today I was actually really bummed I didn't get to see the performance.  
Rainbowdragoneyes (get it??)

OD writes and stars in this emotional thriller. Shot spontaneously and edited haphazardly on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Submitted for Sundance consideration., and foolishly uploaded here as poor example of my abilities.  It's shit like this that loses me potential clients, I just know it.  Enjoy.

I shot this video at Helsott's Record Release Show this past summer.  It was a tricky shoot, and quick edit, but the whole experiance was a blast!

For more info on Helsott check them out at

Here's a goofy video I produced for my friend and colleague, Michael Meyer.  Also known by his street names "Sandwich", "Peaches the teaches", and "that tall guy with the long hair".  There have been rumors that this video can undistress designer jeans.  But that's an unfounded claim, and frankly I don't see how it's possible.  Hell even if it is, what's the point?! 

Here's a music video I shot and edited for local band 'Digital Dungeon'.

This is a video I shot and edited for a band I'm in called Glass Sky.  It's an acoustic version of our hit (lol) song Ascension.  Go check them out, and come see us perform sometime!

I've been wanting to shoot something for the last few weeks but haven't had the time. So when Michael Meyer came over the other day I thought it would be fun to challenge ourselves and try and see what we could throw together in a couple of hours.  Written by and Starring Michael Meyer.

Wrote, shot, edited, and scored in less than a day and a half.... and it shows. But despite all that, this is easily the most thrilling, tragic, and erotic video on the internet. Nolan's Inception has got nothing on the depth of this incredible masterpiece.  Starring Ahko Mine, Written by Michael Meyer.

Wanted to play around in After Effects. So this is the first obligatory gunshot test. --- I (Josiah Guile) am a seasoned musician, songwriter, composer, and producer. I am also an aspiring filmmaker and videographer.

This was the very first video I shot with my new camera.

There is a very unique annual tradition between my Uncle's family and mine. Each year a signed picture of Sir. Michael Douglas of Black Rain fame gets passed to an unknowing recipient. Whoever is blessed with the Michael has then the honor of showcasing his glorious Majesty in their home.

My brother Jeremiah, friend Michael and I attended a Devin Townsend Project show at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA the other night. After the show we took the gear out to test everything in a real world, low light environment. It was a lot of fun, and I figured a lot out in terms of camera, audio, and lighting settings.

Wanna make some videos?!

If you're interested in having some fun shooting, acting in, writing for, or editing some videos with me let's get in touch!  If you're also trying to figure all this stuff out, then let's do it together!

Contact me and we'll get started!