Josiah Guile

a somewhat creative individual

Videography Portfolio

Test Footage

After learning new techniques, or obtaining new gear, I'll go out and try to shoot something to test out what I've learned.  The videos below are all test shots where I experiment with new camera equipment, audio gear, video editing, color grading, voice acting, scoring, and other fun stuff.

None of these videos are meant to be anything more than entertaining test footage that might also come in handy to anyone else in my boat.... The Learning Boat that is.

This is a video I shot and edited for a band I'm in called Glass Sky.  It's an acoustic version of our hit (lol) song Ascension.  Go check them out, and come see us perform sometime!

The test videos below all feature my voice acting, and original music.

Where's The Pro Stuff?!

Well I don't own the rights to the professional corporate videos I've produced over the years, but you wouldn't want to watch those, they're quite boring!  So please bear with me  while I build up a more interesting portfolio of professional video work.  

In an effort to build my portfolio, I'm offering my services at an extremely discounted rate, even free in many cases.  So contact me and we'll get started!