Josiah Guile

a somewhat creative individual

Josiah Guile:  Singer

As a classically trained baritone/tenor with multi-octave range I've had the honor of performing and recording with a number of musical groups and projects.  My personal musical interests range greatly from Broadway show tunes to European power metal, and nearly everything in between.  I have a very strong and powerful voice that can be subdued and delicate when need be.  I literally have over 500 live musical performances under my belt, and have spent hundreds of hours in the studio environment.  Years of my musical career were spent performing traditional covers of all the greats such as Billy Joel, Journey, Josh Groban, DIO, and others in addition to my time spent working with many bands on original music.

Capable vocal stylings range from powerfully clean, to controlled harsh, in a variety of musical styles including of course hardcore gangsta rap*.

I am available to provide lead and/or background vocals for:

  • Studio Recordings
  • Live Performances
  • Fill-in/Sub Work
  • Personal Activity Narration
  • Private Lullaby Performance
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Traditional Dinner Ceremonies
  • Group Circumcisions 
  • and much more...

Josiah Guile:  Musician

or the last 18 years I've been writing, recording, and performing with a number of musical instruments.  While I'm familiar with a sizable range of different instruments, I consider the Piano and Guitar to be my truest loves.  I've been fortunate enough to have been able to be involved with a fairly wide range of musical projects, covering a wide range of musical styles.  I've had the privilege of working under a few fantastic teachers over the years, and I continuously make great efforts to expand my abilities.  I have a good understanding of musical theory, and I generally know what I'm doing, though I'm far from the most learned musician around.  I'd say though that perhaps my greatest strengths lie in musical improvisation, and songwriting.  Most of my experiences have been in the metal, rock, industrial, electronic, synthwave, new age, and classical genres.

I am available to provide the following services:

  • Acoustic Guitar Accompaniment
  • Lead and Rhythm Electric Guitar Accompaniment
  • Piano/Keyboard/Synth Accompaniment
  • Practice/Rehearsal Aid
  • Private Lessons


Josiah Guile:  Composer

One of my single greatest passions in life is original musical composition or video, and video game productions.  In more recent years I've devoted countless hours to the study of musical composition, and have been developing and refining my own unique style.  With inspiration from the greats such as Hans Zimmer, John Williams, as well as the more nontraditional composers like Trent Reznor and Dust Brothers, I feel like I have found my own unique landscape somewhere in the middle.  While I'm no acclaimed Hollywood composer, I have the ability to offer professional quality original compositions to the low budget filmmakers out there, and whoever else might be in need of a unique and tailored instrumental piece of music.  

I can provide composition for such projects as:

  • Symphonic Backing Tracks
  • Commercials
  • Independent Films
  • Student Films
  • Bumper Music
  • Special Songs for Weddings and Events
  • Corporate Video Productions
  • and much more...

Josiah Guile:  Producer

Many years of study and extensive experience recording, mixing, and working with musicians to encourage and pull from them their very best ability has given me the opportunity to become quite an asset in the studio. My facilities are far more humble than those of the big, expensive studios and producers, but so is my attitude.

With any project I produce my goal is to first and foremost create something that the artist can be proud of, and not something that they feel the need to make excuses for.  In terms of sound quality my productions sound is substantially better than what most artists can produce in their own home studios.

While I would absolutely encourage any artist to hire a legendary producer and record at a top level studio, many independent artists can't do that, and it's them I am here to help.  If you want a high quality recording of your music, but you're struggling to make it happen then call me, and we'll make it work. 

What I can offer:

  • Vocal tracking
  • Instrument Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Unlimited Track Recordings
  • Arrangement ssistance
  • Additional Studio Musicians
  • Off-site Production Assistance
  • Production Consultation

*gangsta rap skills have neither been confirmed or denied.