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Josiah Guile

A Somewhat Creative Individual

Computer & Technology Services

I have spent the majority of my professional career providing administrative computer support to both business and residential clients.  I have nearly 20 years of experience building custom computers, all specifically designed to accommodate a vast range of unique requirements.  In all of these years I have seen and solved nearly every conceivable computer related issue, and have done so at the absolute most affordable rates, and with the most honest and ethical of practices. 

In addition to offering full service Computer and Networking support, I also provide full support for laptops, video game systems, home theater equipment, Android and iOS tablets and phones, as well as on-site and off-site training.


Computer Repair companies make a killing by charging the same hourly rate for all their services.  Though the fact is, most time consuming repair tasks are completely automated, and do not require the technician's presence or involvement until the tasks are completed.  But for some reason, nearly all technicians will still charge the client for this time that they were not actively working on the PC.  I find this completely unethical, and thus I do not have a fixed flat rate that I charge.

I offer a free estimate to all of my potential clientele, and that includes on-site estimates, if need be.  My rates always end up being far more reasonable.

In all honesty I'm more interested in your repeat business, and your word of mouth, than I am in making a quick dollar off of you.  So if you're putting off calling because you don't think you can afford it, I assure you that you can!

Services I Offer

  • Custom PC Builds
  • Hardware/Software Upgrades
  • Hardware Installation
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Backup
  • On-site and Off-site Training
  • On-site and Off-site Support
  • Home Theater PC Setup
  • Business PC Maintenance 
  • Network Administration
  • PC Based Security Systems
  • Phone Systems Integration
  • Laptop Repairs and Upgrades
  • Mobile Phone Jailbreaking/Rooting
  • Phone/Tablet Backup
  • WiFi/Wired Internet Installation and Support
  • And much, much more...

I Service All Major Technology Brands

Need help RIGHT NOW?  Well send me a message using the form below, and I will help you to the very best of my ability
for FREE!

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