Josiah Guile

a somewhat creative individual


When Josiah asked me to write this page for him I wasn't really sure what he wanted me to say.  When I asked him, he would just tell me, "I don't know, man.  I'm asking you to do it so that I don't have to think about it!" and while I kind of thought that was a little rude, I decided to help him out anyway.  

Josiah has been making all sorts of noise for a very long time.  While some of the stuff he records is pretty good, most of the music he sings when we're hanging out is pretty awful.  It's always some Disney song, or some show tune from the Newsies soundtrack.  He's definitely got talent when he's writing and performing his own stuff, but most of the time he chooses to sing nothing but songs that get stuck in your head for days on end.

This probably isn't what he wanted me to write, but he gave me no direction to follow here.  So I guess he's going to just have to either write up something himself, or be lazy and post this.   Regardless though, he does put a lot of effort into his own music, he's usually the best part of whatever project he's in, and I really think that more people should check his stuff out and support him.  Maybe if enough people show interest he'll focus more on his own music, and might stop singing "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias every flippin day.

Ok Josiah, that's all I'm writing.  Feel free to post it if you're really that lazy.

-Michael Meyer (Josiah's best, and most attractive friend)


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My RYKER project is the return to my synth roots.  It's heavily inspired by the synthesizer based music of the 80s.  I have so much more to say about it, but unfortunately I have to go find something to eat.  I'm pretty hungry right now, and it's distracting.  This is one of the most exciting musical outlets I have, and I can't wait to share more with you all.

Check it out here.

Super Secret Project


After many years of developing the concept for an elaborate, theatrical, rock opera, I began searching for musicians who were odd and awesome enough to share with me these grand ambitions.  I found rhythm guitar player Joe Holzapfel, and shortly thereafter !@#$ %^ &*&* was born.  A gloriously epic and rousing !@(#&$%, #(@*%( #%@(*& band. 

I spent years writing the story that the first record is based on and drew up maps to help envision the elaborate world this story is set in.  Inspired by film, video games, graphic novels, anime, science fiction, politics, spirituality, and the most tragic and most beautiful life experiences !@#$ %^ &*&*'s music is as relatable as it is epic.

My role in !@#$ %^ &*&* is diverse and demanding, and I couldn't feel more fulfilled than I do in this band!  I can hardly wait to officially announce this project.  I know beyond the shadow of a doubt this music is going to greatly affect those of you who are partial to the incredible!

Currently the band consists of myself, intreppid rhythm guitarist Joe Holzapfel, and renowned guitar-ninja Ahko Mine.  If you are, or know of an awesome drummer, or bass player that is currently looking for an incredible project to be a part of, send them my way!  

Production Music

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Click Here to be taken to the Music Services page

This represents my audio production work.  The goal of which is to provide high quality original music, voice overs, and sound effects to independent filmmakers, at extremely affordable rates.  I work closely with our clients to craft for them music and soundscapes that bring extra life to their media projects.

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If you're offended by a non-sexual representation of the female body then stop looking at this artwork.  Also be sure you never go to a museum.  

A few years ago while working on music with Joe Holzapfel I mentioned that I would love to get a guest vocalist with a big, mean, beast of a voice for some additional vocals on a particular song.  Not just for the vocal diversity, but also the networking and potential cross-promotion (if I'm being honest).  Joe then introduced me to Eric Dow of Helsott, and it was love at first sight.  Eric dug our music, and agreed to lend his talents.  He also asked if I'd consider providing some guest vocals for some of his band's music as well.  I agreed, and have since recorded parts for a couple tracks on their full length 2014 record "Woven".  I'll also perform with them when the opportunities arise, and schedules permit.

Besides vocal work, I've also had the pleasure of shooting a couple videos for them.  These projects have been some of the most fun/frantic I've done!

I love Eric, Mark, Cooper-scooper, Mikey, and Dave.  They've become some of my favorite people to be around, and that's not to mention I'm legitimately a huge fan of their work.

My involvement with Helsott will hopefully become greater as time goes on.  They're the real deal, and an enormous inspiration to me. 

Click here to find out more about Helsott.  Click here to see some clips of me performing with Helsott.

Glass Sky

Glass Sky.png

Glass Sky is a southern California based progressive rock band that I provide vocals for.

I'll never forget my first thought when I was initially shown their music - "Holy smokes, this tea is incredibly hot!" and that's because I happened to be drinking some tea at the moment.  Tea that happened to be very hot.  Though it was my second thought that was far more relevant. It was something along the lines of  "Holy smokes, these guys are incredibly talented!".

I initially declined the offer to be a part of the project, as my mouth was still pretty sore from the whole tea incident.   But upon further reflection (and oral recovery) I felt that I could really benefit from this band's incredible musicianship, and unique songwriting characteristics.  So I decided to join them in hopes of riding the wave of their undoubtable success for the benefit my own musical career!  Of course I would never tell them that.  What I said to them was that a beautiful bearded angel had come to me in a dream and commanded that I be a part of their band.  This made me sound all mystical to them, like a musical wizard or something. 

I sure hope none of them read this.  

UPDATE:  I'm no longer "officially" with Glass Sky.  My other projects are demanding much more of my time as things rapidly progress, though I'm still recording vocals for their music, and I'll likely still play some shows with them now and again.  At least until they get a permanent singer, at which time they'll have to find a way to awkwardly tell me to leave them alone. 


The Solo Project

Click here to be taken to The Solo Project page

Click here to be taken to The Solo Project page

The solo project has been something I've been writing for since I was but a wee little baby.  Just a teeny tiny little bitty baby sitting there with a midi controller, a guitar, and a microphone.  It was quite an odd thing to witness, such a small infant being crushed under the weight of the greatest musical responsibility to be handed down by the gods.   A mandate to go forth and make the most stunning and moistening music any person has ever heard.   In this project I am free to fail all by myself, without the constraints of genre stereotypes or band members always getting in the way with their "ideas" and "opinions". I am free to make foolish musical decisions and blame it all on a childhood spent playing violent video games.

If you like music that is hard to define from song to song, or mixtures of sonic elements and genres that probably don't even need to be mixed, or, GODLIKE freestyle musical performances, than you're going to just love listening to lots of other bands.  When you've had enough of that nonsense feel free to come and listen to me.  For I am all those things and more... only substantially better/worse.