Josiah Guile

A Somewhat Creative Individual

Josiah Guile

Josiah often refers to himself in the third person. People tend to find it extremely unsettling. In fact this quote is a perfect example of this strange phenomenon.
— Josiah Guile


When Josiah was but a little boy, his father introduced him to music;  Josiah and music have been great friends ever since.  Josiah has an unhealthy obsession with learning as much as he can about all things musical.  He views his musical abilities as his most valuable asset (which is kinda sad), and approachesall musical opportunities with great respect and gratitude.  He sees himself as more than just a person who is in a band, but as a person who is in a band that sees himself as more than just that.  It makes sense if you think about it.


Computers & Technology

Josiah has spent the majority of his professional career providing administrative computer support to both business and residential clients.  He has nearly 2 decades of hands-on experience building custom computers, all specifically designed to accommodate a vast range of unique requirements.  In all these years he has seen and solved nearly every conceivable technology related issue, including the one where someone gets sucked into a computer, and then has to battle their way back out. Most importantly though, he does all this at very fair rates, and with the most honest and ethical practices. 



Josiah has this incredible uncle named DJ, who works professionally in the design industry.   This uncle DJ would prove to be an extremely important person in Josiah's life.  He helped recognise and develop Josiah's budding interests in design at a young age.

Josiah has never stopped learning, and continues to develop his chops on a near daily basis (I mean, to a reasonable extent).  His desire is to be able to take advantage of any
and every graphic related opportunity, and provide not only adequate, but freaking fantastic solutions.


Since the days of the VHS-C camcorder Josiah has been making the most useless, and downright embarrassing videos of himself and his friends.  This  great passion for producing entertaining nonsense convinced him to pursue videography as a side-business. 

Josiah invests a great amount of time into the study of DIY filmmaking, camera operation, video editing, and effects composition.  He has achieved a level of quality that he now uses for both silly and professional opportunities.  But mostly just for the silly stuff.



Josiah always had an interest in photography, but it wasn't until the year of our Lord 2012 A.D. (A.D. stands for Anno Domini, which means “in the year of our Lord", ya dullards) that he decided to dedicate a substantial amount of time and a bit of money into this interest and really learn to become something more than just "a guy with a camera".  Josiah is more interested in developing a unique style of his own, as well as truly becoming educated in photography technique, than he is in being just another local photographer.  Unfortunately though... he's still just a guy with a camera.